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The purpose of the Mountaineer Parents Club is to involve parents and other family members in programs and activities that result in continuous improvement of the student experience at West Virginia University.

History of the Mountaineer Parents Club

The Mountaineer Parents Club was created in 1995 as one of five student life initiatives of formerWVU President David C. Hardesty Jr. The organization, which has more than 20,000 members, was established to foster success by connecting parents and family members with the West Virginia University student experience.

West Virginia University’s Mountaineer Parents Club is free and open to parents and family members of current, former and future WVU students. To join just sign-up online.

The Mountaineer Parents Club has several local clubs since being established in Fall 1995. Clubs are in West Virginia and others are located in Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. State chairs have also been established in several other states. Local clubs design programs to support student activities and also:

  • organize “get-acquainted” Summer Send-offs & Winter Fests for students and parent
  • host speakers from WVU

A toll-free helpline (1-800-WVU-0096) was designed to provide direct and immediate help for parents who have questions or concerns that do not appear to fall within the typical categories of frequently called WVU numbers.

Parents may call the helpline from anywhere in the United States and each question or concern will be researched. If a message is left, a response will be given in one business day, if at all possible.

Other methods of communication include social media where we offer the WVU Mountaineer Parents Club Facebook page and the Mountaineer Parents Club Newsletter, which is published twice a year with an online only edition as well. To go along with that, there is Parent Electronic News, a free service provided to all members. Parents receive e-mail updates about pertinent information on campus and upcoming events on campus.

The Mountaineer Parents Club sponsors many other events throughout the year, including Fall Family Weekend.


The vision of the Mountaineer Parents Club is to exceed the expectations of family members for theWVU experience, provide the information necessary for students and their families to pursue their life goals, and encourage family members to be active participants in, excited supporters of, and avid recruiters for, West Virginia University.

  • The values expressed in Mountaineer Parents Club operations:
  • The Mountaineer Parents Club (MPC) is student centered
  • The MPC communicates effectively
  • The MPC collaborates with other relevant units of WVU
  • The MPC helps to solve problems for students and families
  • The MPC acts with integrity
  • The MPC acts in a timely fashion
  • The MPC learns continuously and shares its findings with others at WVU, including with parents
  • The MPC provides leadership in parent related matters

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The Club has over 20,000 members and is free to parents of current and future WVU students.

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