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February 3, 2022

A message from the Carruth Center for Counseling & Psychological Services: 
Students often experience the highest amount of stress at the end of the semester, but we often forget about the feelings associated with a new start. A new semester brings opportunities to do things differently and learn from challenges. As parents/guardians, you can reflect and change your approach with your student. 
Consider these ways to help support your students from the start of the semester: 

  • Talk with your student about getting organized. Have they gone through their syllabi and written down all their due dates? 
  • Help them set a routine. You likely helped with this while they were in high school. Are they sticking to a reasonable bedtime, and are they making use of breaks between their classes? 
  • Encourage them to use campus resources early. WVU has endless supports in place-meeting with a success coach now can help prevent some of the stress that may occur later.  
  • Emphasize the importance of using faculty office hours. You may even want to help them draft an email or role-play how to talk to a professor.  
  • Encourage them to connect on campus by joining a student organization, attending a program through Refresh, or even looking into an on-campus job.  

Talk with your student early about accessing support through the Carruth Center or using Talkspace. This semester the Carruth Center is offering over 7 different groups and 6 different workshops. In addition to other counseling services, students also have access to Let’s Chat where they can meet with a counselor in an informal setting to ask questions or consult about something they may be going through.  
As your student continues to settle into the semester, we want to remind families that we are here not only for you but for your student, too. 

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